Printing Root Container...Not all Objects showing

I’m using system.createPrintJob(event.source.parent.parent)
(print button is inside of container…hence parent.parent.)
Issue is not all of my components are showing . Drop down data, couple of labels and text from multistate indicators not showing. Graphs and everything else show and print fine.
Any suggestion?

What Ignition version, exactly? Some issues with printing on the embedded Java for client/designer are fixed in 7.9.14.

I was running 7.9.10…just updated to 7.9.14 with same issue.
Works fine in designer but as a client some labels and such do not show all data.
Code is on button within a container on main screen. thus parent.parent.

job = system.print.createPrintJob(event.source.parent.parent)


00206B3E6EA0200831065937.pdf (671.2 KB) Here is what I am getting. Running version 7.9.14

I’ve added a document with what I’m printing. Any other suggestions?? I’ve updated to 7.9.14 but still have client printing issues.
Thank you,

There are some similar posts about it…

I just discovered if you make the text HTML it seems to print without the work around.

To do this put: <HTML> before your text.