Printing Schedule Reports

Hello all,
One of the requirements for my current project is to have the ability print out the schedule generated by the schedule manager in Ignition, however I can’t seem to find a viable option to do this. Has anyone done anything similar to this? Just looking for advice in a direction to head, if there is one. Thanks a bunch!

I’ve never done this, but I assume you can get what you need in a Script Data Source using these scripting functions:

Or checkout the relevant bits from the API:

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Thanks for responding, I’ve been playing around with these functions today… The main issue I guess is the formatting they want the printed documents to take, and it doesn’t help that they want additional OEE information on the schedule reports instead of just the basic data provided by the schedule manager.

What’s the format like? I hope some sort of table :fearful:

This is an outline of what they are wanting, but for each line and each area of the plant so definitely going to have some template repeater action I think.

Oh, were you referring to an equipment schedule? Not a user schedule?

Or is there some usage of the former with the latter that I’m not aware of?

They want the two schedules to be tied together which is silly but it’s whatever… Just going to hack together some custom screens and lots of scripting to make it work haha

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