How can I print, or get a print preview?

My only experience has been with the print function for tables and it works well.
Give the manual a look at the following link…


While tables have their own printing routine (to handle multiple pages) as suggested above, you can also perform a more basic print of an entire window or part of a window.

For instance, to make a print window button, the code would look like this:

window = fpmi.gui.getParentWindow(event) printJob = fpmi.print.createPrintJob(window) printJob.print()

For more on the fpmi.print module, see the appropriate documentation section under Technical Reference > Jython > Built-in Modules (fpmi.*)

For more sophisticated printing, including print preview, I suggest the FactoryPMI Reporting Plugin. If you post back with more specifics about your printing requirements, we can help you further.

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How about printing in the reporting plug-in? Besides right-clicking on the report, how can I add a button to print the report?

The report viewer component has a .print() function. So, a print button’s script would look something like this:

report = event.source.parent.getComponent("Report Viewer") report.print()

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