Private Tag in the project


is it possible to set in one Ignition Gateway, which has more projects, a private Tag for only one project in the Gateway?
Example: in the same Gateway: Project 1 -> Tag1,Tag2,Tag3, Project 2 -> Tag4,Tag5 (in the Project 2 there aren’t Tag1,Tag2,Tag3)

If isn’t possible, which is the best way to do it?


Hi Andrea,

You can create Client Tags that are per project. Client Tags are different in that they only exist in Ignition clients & designers and do not exist in the Ignition Gateway. And if you have two clients open running the same project then they can have different values in the client tags.

It is not possible to have tags (that are not Client Tags) that exist only in one project. What you can do is create a tag folder for a specific project and put all the project’s tags in that folder. You can also add permissions to the tags to prevent users from changing the values of the tags.


As Nick mention, tags are not part of the project, but you can create two different realtime tags provider (Gateway Web Page -> Configuration section -> Tags -> Realtime) and set each one as the default tag provider for each project.

This way, the tags are not private in a project, but you will see only the tags of each provider in each project in the default section of the tag browser in the designer. If you expand the “All Providers” section, you will see all the tags and you can access the other provider tags, preffixing the tag path with the tag provider name, as mention in the manual: … _paths.htm.

Also, in the same web page, you can set Tag Role(s) for editing tags in the tag provider.