Pro-Face PLC Issue

I’m not sure if this is a PLC issue or an Ignition problem. We’re using Pro-Server Ex and it’s OPC Server to connect Pro-Face PLCs to Ignition. We have set up a string in the Memlink address range that Ignition writes to every few seconds in a gateway script to display a status message.

Every so often this address range seems to get stuck in a loop where it continually goes from the previous value to the new value that Ignition is writing. Ignition will write the new value, the address range will read correctly and then it’ll blip to the old value for just a second or two. You can see it do this at both the Ignition level and the Pro-Server device monitor.

No error messages are shown and putting print statements in front of the write statements don’t show the old value.

Has anyone else worked with Pro-face PLCs and encountered issues? Any help is appreciated.