Pro Soft Card With Allen Bradley SLC 5/03

Has anyone used a Pro Soft MVI46-DFNT Ethernet I/P card to communicate to Ignition?
Talking with Pro Soft they say It acts like a SLC 5/05 so would Ignitions SLC driver work with this card?

I’m not sure you’ll find somebody who has done precisely that, but I expect it to work. The “DFNT” modules have a fairly thorough implementation of the PLC or SLC communication instruction set.

In fact, I believe that Prosoft got permission to actually respond to identity queries with the SLC-5/05 or PLC-5E’s Identity objects, just with a program name string identifying itself as a Prosoft Module.

The big question I would have is whether or not the DFNT module responds correctly to a “List Data Tables” request, which is what Ignition OPC-UA or RSLinx uses to determine which data tables to show in a browse.

Remember that with a Prosoft card you’re not actually accessing the data tables inside the SLC controller, but rather the 5000-word flat file Database inside the MVI module, which emulates a set of SLC data tables.

If you wanted actual access to the data tables of the controller, you’ll want to use a 1761-NET-ENI or Digi One IAP.

Does anyone have confirmation in this setup?
I have one module and I am able to connect using RSLinx OPC client, but if I try to connect using SLC5/05 Ethernet driver I keep receiving a Config Error Quality status on the configured tag.

Using Ignition 7.6.2.