Problem after Ignition Update - Scaling in Designer and Clients

I have problems with client and designer scaling, it worked fine in 7.9 but in 8.1.5 it looks like this on all computers.

This is my designer


Some of the problem may have to do with your Display Scaling setting in Windows and whether or not you are on a “high DPI” screen.

It could also be, in whole or part, the changes in font and look and feel between 7.9 and 8.x versions, as documented in the upgrade guide.

It should be noted that a Use Condensed Font option was added in 8.1.4 under Gateway Settings on the gateway homepage to help get you upgraded to the latest version and give you some time to make the adjustments to the new font. Its not recommended to be used permanently and instead is a tool to give you some time to redesign screens:

You will also need versions of the Designer Launcher and Vision Client Launcher that are 8.1.4+ as well.