Problem button deactivated


I’m working with Ignition 8.1, I have a controller compactlogix 5380.
The connection is good I can send and receive commands from the designer directly on my laptop, but my problem, I can’t do anything on the operator screen.
On the operator screen, all of the buttons is like on an off mode I can’t click on them.
Please someone can help me ?

What kind of button did you use?
How did you set up the bindings on the button?

Still need a little more information before we can properly help.

I used a standard button
I send my command with a script with “action performed” : tagBasePath = event.source.parent.tagBasePath
system.tag.write(tagBasePath + “/cmd/autoModeRequest”,True)

Is all you are doing setting a tag value to true?

Any reason you are not using the Set Tag Value option?

You should move from using system.tag.write() to system.tag.writeBlocking()

However, none of that would matter if you can’t click the button. That would indicate something like, the enabled property is false. Do you have a binding configured for any of the button properties?

Is your issue that you can’t click the button or that when you click the button you don’t get the expected results?