Problem displaying two docked windows

I’m trying to set up the UI in Vision made up of two docked windows, one West and one East, and a Main windows in the middle.
I have problems displaying the 3 windows correctly even when aggiusting the sum of the width of the 3 windows together to be less then the width of the screen (1919px and 1920px).

How can I resolve this?
Thanks, regards


I still have this problem, if you need any other details please ask.

Hi, looking at your screenshots it appears only one of the windows is docked and two are set to “floating”. Check that your docking is set correctly on each window.

Also, you might try docking the middle window to the north and setting your axis precedence to “east/west”.

Hope this helps as its my first time replying to a post on the forums.

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Hi AndrewG, you were right my left Docked Windows was set to floating, now I have put it to West and the 3 windows are in the correct order.
Thanks for your help

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