Problem Exporting/Importing Tags


I think there might be a little problem with exporting /importing tags that use UDTs:

I made two UDTs (one inside another) and the “child” UDT uses parameters.
Then I made some instances of the main (parent) UDT and set those parameters. Everything went ok.

Then I exported the entire SQLTags tree to a .csv file and imported it in another server.

The UDTs were created correctly but not the instances. Although they were created they lost the parameters for the children UDT tags.

Thank you.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve confirmed this, and we should be able to get it fixed for 7.4.3. Thanks for reporting it.


Just wanted to confirm that this will indeed be fixed for 7.4.3.

The problem was both on export and import, but after the upgrade, if you want to adapt existing CSV files to work, you’ll need to update the “path” column of the override rows to have the path to the member. In other words, for instance parameter overrides, you’ll end up with rows like:
“Member Name”, “Parameter Name”, “Instance Tag Path”, 11, …

The “11” is the TagType for “attribute”. However, it’s worth noting that not every tag type 11 will need to have a path. The original attribute definitions, on the tags that own them, will have blank paths, because they are identified by the “owner” column alone.


Thank you Colby,

That’s great news. Thanks for the information.