PROBLEM: Gateway Connection Lost

Good Morning. I’m new to ignition and I’m having a routine problem with the company I work for. At least twice a day there is a problem of Gateway Connection Lost (following image attached) and consequently I can no longer access the applications nor the ignition gateway. One expert told me it could be the amount of database accesses per second that could be overloading the server (see attached image) and advised me to create multiple users so as not to overload only one user because all applications were open on a user named admin. So I split the permissions and applications by different users, for example, eu create operator, supervisor, manager. However, the problem of Gateway Connection Lost still continues. And the curious thing is that every time this problem happens i can see in the ignition gateway performance guide the TREND CPU peaks. (following image attached) and in order for the system to return to normal it is necessary to reset the server. Every time I reset the server the applications and the ignition gateway goes back to normal. I believe that this problem not be a internet connect problema. I wonder if anyone has any idea what this is.