Problem Installing Ignition

Ignition Install errors out with this message: Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly. Error running java -classpath “lib/catapult.jar” com.inductiveautomation.catapult.Upgrader “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition” : Program ended with an error exit code.

Help is greatly appreciated. At customer site trying to set this up.

If you haven’t done so already I’d call into support and we can get it taken care of quicker.

It appears Java is not installed correctly. Check to see if Java 6 or above is installed.

Calling in is nice but how about someone posting the remedy?

I agree with you. We do have a policy from the forum that when a user is asked to call about an issue we will post the result to the forum. We haven’t received a call regarding this post so we can’t offer a solution yet.

Been away for awhile but the fix for me was to uninstall Ignition and uninstall Java then reboot the PC and reinstall Java and reinstall Ignition. Seemed to work just fine after that in that order.

En mi caso solo desinstale el ignition y el java, reinicié y al momento de ejecutar el instalador de Ignition me funciono.

Things were a bit different 13 years ago when this thread started. Be sure to check the dates of the posts. :wink:

De acuerdo, lo comente porque me acaba de suceder con una version 7.1.8 que ya no existe, pero a alguien le puede servir :slight_smile: