[Problem] Labels cut in Vision Client

Hello there.
Into vision client labels cut at the end, even if their size is big enough (see attached pictures).
I’ve tried manipulating their layout constrains etc, but nothing works.
The page size is 1366x768, same as the monitor max size, so it shouldn’t stretch at all.

Thanks for your future replies.

Ignition v8.0.6 STABLE
Windows 10 PRO 64bit

Can you set the background to a certain color, so you can see how big the label actually is?

It might be a problem with the calculation of the text length when you use special characters.

EDIT: it might also be worth to try with alternative Java versions / releases (the bundled one and your own install), and check if there’s a release that does work, or report what versions you tested.

Thanks for your answer.

  1. background color is larger then the text, as it supposed to be. img

  2. It’s not a special char problem, i’ve many other labels w/o special chars inside that have this problem (btw i tried to remove the “à” from the lbl, but it’s the same)

  3. Java is not installed on this machine, because is unnecessary in Ignition v8.0.x? (i’m using 8.0.6 as i wrote in the 1st post)

Thanks again.

Yes, it is unnecessary normally. But if you run it with a different Java (f.e. Oracle Java), it might be easier to find out where to look for the problem. You don’t have to do this on all clients, but just for testing now.