Problem launching ignition designer

Ignition version v7.7.7 and java 1.8.0_45 is installed on 64 bit linux machine.
But not able to launch the designer.Each time on clicking launch designer option, the designer.jnlp file opens.
The deigner.jnlp file that pops on launch is attached. Please suggest what change in settings is to be done to launch designer.
Please help me to fix it soon.


Kevin already answered this:[quote]It looks like your distro hasn’t associated JNLP files with the Java webstart binary.[/quote]You need to configure your browser to open jnlp files with java webstart. This is typically done automatically when installing java, but your distro didn’t, or didn’t do it correctly. You’ll need to visit your distro’s help forums and/or google “linux firefox java webstart” to fix this.
It isn’t an Ignition problem.
Consider using the Native Client Launcher for Linux instead of using the normal web launch. I find it more reliable through upgrades and updates to my base system.