Problem loading 7.3 .run file

Tried to load the latest 7.3 dev .run file but came across this error on Linux Ubuntu

Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
Error running /usr/bin/java -classpath “lib/core/common/common.jar” com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.upgrader.Upgrader “/usr/local/bin/ignition” “/var/lib/ignition/data” “/var/log/ignition” : java.lang.RuntimeException: /var/lib/ignition/data/ignition.conf could not be found! The upgrader cannot continue.
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.upgrader.Upgrader.upgradeLaunchFile(
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.upgrader.Upgrader.main(

Did a uninstall and install and it worked. There was a issue creating link file /usr/local/bin/ignition/ ignition. It reported that the file existed but it didn’t.

Do you remember by chance how your system looked before the installation? Was there some form of Ignition on the system before attempting the installation? I want to see if it is possible to replicate the problem.

Yes, 7.29 was loaded on the system. I’m not familiar with loading a .run file and the quick start guide is ambiguous. Had to research to find that you need to chmod +x then ./ in root in order to load in a clean folder at /usr/local/bin/. Is there going to be a .deb file in the future? Also, had issues with the last 7.3 beta where adding groups in the Easy Chart caused a null point error. Others on the forum had the same issue. The new release fixed that.

OK, we found a change in the installer that can be made so that the /etc/init.d symlink creation can be handled differently. The problem occurs because the 7.3 installer is unaware of the 7.2 installation and does not realize the symlink is there. Linux complains if you try to replace a symlink, and the installer reports an error. BTW, if you point the 7.3 installer at the location of where the 7.2 folder Ignition folder is located, the installer can handle the upgrade and you won’t hit the error. We will also update the user manual to make it more clear on how to start the .run file.

As for a .deb file, we do have a Debian-style repository at that allows you to install Ignition using apt-get. Not sure yet if we are going to add the .deb files for direct download on the website.