Problem loading a library in pturmel's introspect script

A few weeks ago I grabbed pturmel’s introspect script from this link:

I’d used it off and on for a time. Today I needed to look at something and fired it back up and got this:

File “module:project.MyFuncs”, line 306, in introspect
ImportError: cannot import name reflect

which refers to this line:

from java.lang import reflect

i.e the import statement. I checked pturmels original code, I hadn’t accidently changed anything.

This is bombing out on lines that I’d previously run in my code and commented out. I checked with the person who maintains our ignition installation, and he said there had been no updates in the last week (which is when I remember last using that code).

I found only one other place in the forum where someone had run onto a problem like this, and I don’t know if its common. I’m not sure if that post was ever resolved. So does anyone have any ideas or has seen this type of problem before?

That only makes sense in a JRE that is doing security checks. What else was in the error report?