Problem on Allen-Bradley Logix Driver array of bit

Hello guys,
i have a AB CPU v34 with a program with many UDT used. The problem is from Ingition gateway OPC client of OPC UA of Ignition i can't see all of elements of array of bool with 160 elements. In my case I can see only first 5 elements.
Is very strange because at same level of nidification of tags I tried to put an array of 160 elements but integer. By OPC client I can see all 160 elements.
I tried also to create a new array of bool with 160 elements and in the newest I can see only first 4 elements.
There is some limitation of nidification in AB PLC?
Obiusvully in Ignition Designar I can see only tag I can see on OPC client.
Do you have any idea to solve?


Logix boolean arrays are really DWORD arrays, where each dword supplies 32 of the booleans. Drill in deeper. Your original boolean address of somebooltag[B] translates to an OPC Item Path of somebooltag[J].K where J=B/32 and K=B%32.

And no, this is not a bug. The logix processor really does tell a connected system that these are DWORDs. The only booleans that are actually reported as true booleans are stand-alone boolean tags (non-array). Even booleans within UDTs aren't "real" booleans, as they are hosted in some other integer type (hidden SINTs, typically).


Thanks a lot!!! You solved my problem!
Before to ask I tried to find some documentation but I haven't find.