Problem on Report Viewer Save as PDF (Saves 0 Bytes) HELP!

Hi, I write about a problem I am having with saving Report with Report Viewer. It saves with
First I thought it was the type of font, but it is not.
I have 2 timeseries chart on the report, Then I observed that if I delete any of those timeseries chart it saves ok. I can´t understand why happen something like that.

Also I tried to save as PDF with script but it only works on Designer and doesn’t works with launched client.

Also today I upgraded to Ignition 7.9.4 and problem still there.

Please Help me with this problem. I did many different tests and can not resolve. :disappointed_relieved:

Project_2017-08-31_1506_partial.proj (118.6 KB)

Control_De_Parametros_Cristalizacion_Secado_11_08_2017_ 0 BYTES SAVED.pdf (0 Bytes)

Control_De_Parametros_Cristalizacion_Secado_31_08_2017_WITH ONE TIME SERIES CHART DELETED.pdf (322.5 KB)

Carito :cry:

Please email this in to support so they can help you with it. Thanks!


I had a similar problem, and contacted support, turns out the java applet was running out of memory. Paul asked me to do the following to confirm if this was the case.

"The most likely cause for this is a lack of client memory; generating reports to save as PDF is relatively memory intensive and usually spikes client memory. If you open the client diagnostics window (Help -> Diagnostics, or Ctrl + Shift + F7 if you have the menu bar hidden) then go into the ‘Console’ tab, there will probably be an error generated when you try to save the report about java.lang.OutOfMemoryError, or something similar.

To raise the client memory, open the project in the Designer, then go into Project Properties. Under Client -> Launching, there’s an initial and maximum client memory setting. As a caution, raising client memory above 1gB will prevent any users with 32-bit Java from launching your project."

Hi Dilan,
I really appreciate that you have commented on this case :smiley:and yes you are right, it is indeed a matter of memory in the client. I uploaded the memory to 1024 Mb but the problem still persisted, I decided to upgrade to the maximum value 4096 MB and probe on a computer with 16 GB Ram and there finally the file was saved as a PDF, with a weight of 1.42 MB.

It is rare that it weighs so much, since even if it would assume that it uses a very heavy image for the logo and I delete happens exactly the same problem. It looks as the file is downloaded or saved as PDF in high definition.
Thank you again, hope this case can be optimized on Report Module.Clients will not always have computers with 16 GB of memory to handle this configuration because less memory allocated to the client this kind of report can not be saved.

I upload the doc that finally was saved. :slight_smile:
Control_De_Parametros_Cristalizacion_04_09_2017.pdf (1.4 MB)


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It would certainly be possible to reduce the size of PDFs (with a lot of work on our part), but that would involve lowering the resolution of the charts you’re using. We find that most users want higher resolution, not lower, in their reports.

Remember that in the new reporting you can have the gateway produce and distribute your reports. With a script on a button, you can pick up parameters your user has set in the client, send it to the gateway, and have the pdf saved, emailed, printed, etc. That reduces the need for clients with as much memory.