Problem OPC tag S71500 Ignition 7.9.10 to 8.0.5


I have a problem with the OPC tags of a Siemens S71500 plc. In the first (trial) project (7.9.10) it worked perfectly, but we have bought a license and install the 8.0.5 version on our company server but there is no connection with the tag. I have export the tags in 7.9.10 and import the tags in 8.0.5. There is a connection with the OPC ua server and with the plc. It is the same plc and tag what is used in the projects but it only worked with the 7.9.10 version. I have made a screenshot.

Thank you,
Mitchel Gommers

Is your Ignition 8 a fresh install or an upgrade? The “OPC Server” name is wrong if it’s a fresh install.

It is a fresh install. What is the right “OPC Server” name?

“Ignition OPC UA Server” without the hyphen. It subtly change between versions, unfortunately. If you did an upgrade this wouldn’t be an issue, but when you do a piecemeal tag import from a 7.9 system into a fresh 8.0 it’s kind of a “gotcha”.

Kevin thank you! It worked!