Problem reading Float Value from Modbus TCP

I’ve a Modbus TCP slave which communicates with Ignition SCADA. I am trying to read float values from holding register 10102. The value is read correctly on the gateway tags. I would like to read the float value in my designer project. So, I created a OPC tag with data type float and mapped it to HR10102. But I am receiving some integer value instead of float. Could you please let me know what could be the problem?

Thank you very much in advance,

Step 1. Read the manual.

You need to have your address as HRF10102, and set the data type to float.

Thank you!. That solved the issue

I just ran across this thread. I am having the exact same problem as shwethag, except I have used HRF and am still getting a value of zero in Ignition Designer. My exact address is 428893, and so I am using HRF28893. Any help would be appreciated.

Usually the problem is one of:

  1. your address is wrong, often off by one
  2. you need to enable the "Swap Words" setting
  3. the value is actually 0

If you can use some 3rd party Modbus software like modscan or modpoll or whatever to see the "right" value then we can see which of those problems it is.

Thank you Kevin--I discovered it was #2. as you suggested! Works fine now.