Problem relocating popup windows

Hi Friends,

Working with ignition version 7.9.5 i have a problem with something that we used to do since version 7.2.x.
Opening popup windows I pass the “x” coord as parameter so the window relocate to this point. Using 2 FHD screens everything works fine in the firts one, but if i pass “x” coord greater than 1920, the window is opened in the right border of the first screen as if there is some king of limit.

Any of you know something about this?. As always thanks in advance. Regards,

You’ll have to use system.nav.desktop() to run openWindow in the other desktop’s context.


We’re not using 2 separated desktops. Instead we’re using 1 windowed client of 1920*2 width, so the client aparently doesn’t kwow about the 2 screens. Even there is some kind of limit in the 1920 “x” coord. Maybe I have to define a bigger limit in a property or something like that.

In the client properties the minimum size is 1024.

Any clue about this?

Thanks in advance.

This is probably a Java problem detecting the screen size. Have you tried negative coordinates (if your monitors aren’t indexed in order, perhaps?)

But, using multiple desktops is almost certainly going to end up being easier to maintain.

For our next project we’ll be start using desktops, but for now we’ll be doing as usual. The problem was fixed because it was only a programming mistake.