Problem running the Ignition Client Launcher on Windows 11

One of our customers has run into problems trying to run the Ignition 8.1 Client Launcher on a laptop running Windows 11. They say it seems to work if launched as an Administrator, or by going through Windows Troubleshooter and running it in Windows compatibility mode for Windows 8.

They have also run into a further problem when launching a project from the Client Launcher once it has been started as an Administrator. The error message says

Launch Error Occurred

Java process launch failed with error code 1: Error: could not open 'C:\Users\username.ignition\cache\resources\runtimes\11.0.15\lib\jvm.cfg'

Has anyone else encountered issues with Ignition Client Launcher and Windows 11? The group policy configuration on the laptop is the same as it used to be with Windows 10, which never gave any problems.

It worked for me to reinstall Ignition..

You can try deleting the runtimes/11.0.15/ directory - upon next launch, the runtime will automatically be downloaded and extracted again.

Reinstalling Ignition would not affect this cache directory at all.

That seems to have fixed it :+1:

I also pointed out to the customer that they shouldn't install this as an administrator, otherwise this could cause problems trying to run as a normal user.

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