Problem scrolling in mobile client

I’m using a template repeater in my first mobile client deployment. It scrolls in designer as expected, but not on the IOS client. I tried Safari and Firefox with the same result.

When I try to scroll with the scrollbar, or using normal touchscreen gestures, the page reverts to the home screen.

Any ideas?

This could be an issue with our mobile template project. Did you start from our mobile template when developing your project?

Yes, I started with the template.

So, two options to fix it:

  1. Delete the ‘Pattern Background’ component from each window.
  2. Change the ‘Back’ shape to an actual button and put the navigation code into the button’s actionPerformed extension function.

I have a related question to this, I have a mobile project which has a template repeater, when the template repeater adds a scroll bar i’d prefer to use mobile phone swiping to scroll instead of clicking on the up/down arrows. Right now the project will only respond to the up/down arrows, is there any way to change this behavior?