Problem starting the Designer

Using version 7.5.4 (b1206)
Java 6 on Windows 2008 x64 Server
Java 6 on Windows 7 x64 client

When I launch the designer I get

Error launching application:
ValidationException: Checksum mismatch for file
“symbolfactory-designer.jar.pack.gz” .7BBDA7E2 !=

Retry Exit

I have cleared all java cache and temporary files.

Just tried opening it again and it worked. I closed it down, and tried again and got the same problem.
I am using the “Launch Designer” link from the Ignition server home page.

Looks like the checksum is different now.

Do you happen to have an anti-virus running?

I do have ESET running.
I’ve tried it with ESET disabled, and still occasionally get the error.
It seems to fail 1 out of 10 times now. Before rebooting the server, it wasn’t working at all.
jniwrap.log (627 KB)

I would try removing the anti-virus all together to see what results you get.

Why is this happening?

Usually the virus scanner program is scanning the files as they are downloaded and sometimes it takes longer which causes it to time out.

Is there a specific directory I can exclude from scanning to prevent this? Or increase the timeout value?

I am not sure. I guess you can try removing the .ignition folder in c:\users\username from the virus scanner.