Problem tag path with default tag provider V8.1.11

Good morning,
I upgraded to V8.1.11 from 8.1.9 and the templates I had connected and working with the tags by removing the tagprovider in the tagpath in order to point to the Default tag provider, it no longer works. I get this error:

2021-11-08 14_34_51-Error

In V8.1.9 I assigned the tag like this without any errors: (i have tested also with [ ] before tag path)

But returned same error.

Now i need to specify default provider tag (example [default] before to pass UDT tag inside template?

Another problem, if i copy and past bindig of a template UDT property,i returned same error!
2021-11-08 14_40_52-Tomapaint - Ignition_Tomapaint - Ignition Designer

How should I proceed ? I have to go back to 8.1.9 :frowning:

Update :

if i put UDTProperty of the template in Indirect Tag, it will accept tag Path without Provider tag prefix:

Why ?

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have confirmed that this change in behavior started in version 8.1.10 and above and have submitted an issue to the dev team.

Garth Gross

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Thanks, you think come out a patch rapidly so I can wait before downgrade to 8.1.9?


But seriously, IA has a QA process that slows fixes, too. A hasty fix can break even more. If I were you, I'd downgrade.


Ok thanks, i will wait…

The fix for this issue was merged today into our codebase and the fix will be present in 8.1.13 (it was reported too late to be in 8.1.12 that is going through final verification). It should be in the 8.1.13 nightly download start tomorrow morning (11/13/2021).


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WOW!!! :sunglasses: Super!!

Thanks a lot

I Have tried 8.1.13 nightly and work perfectly…
Thanks a lot again