Problem to make the EAM Module Send Tags Task working with Tag Editing Permissions


I cannot make the EAM "Send tags" task working if I define "Tag Editing Permissions" on the remote gateways.
It is working well if the parameter "Tag Editing Permissions" is blank, but if it is not I get "Tag JSON import operation failed [SCADATagProvider]test03: Bad_AccessDenied("Insufficient Tag Provider Edit Permissions")" on the remote gateways.

I have this problem when I run the "Send Tags" task from the main gateway. From the designer, I don't have any problem to read/write/edit tags. I also tried to define "Security Zone" for the parameter "Tag Editing Permissions", it works well from the designer but not when running the EAM task from the gateway.

Our architecture is Ignition 8.1.21 for the main gateway, and Ignition Edge 8.1.21 for all remote gateways.

Many thanks for any tips.

This sounds like an issue that the support department will be able to better assist you with, I recommend you open up a ticket.

We have same problem on our environment : we need, on Remote Agent, leave blank "Tag Editing Permissions" in order EAM Send Tag works.
I see than Nightly 8.1.30-SNAPSHOT-b20230712 have :
IGN-7597: EAM Send Tag Task fails if Tag Editing Permissions are set on Agent’s tag provider

Do you think than it's correcting our problem ?


For information I have tested a nightly version 8.1.32, and the bug is resolved : I can push tag from EAM to a remote Realtime Provider when "Tag Editing Permission" is not empty.

Edit : but don't think EAM use security Edit define in Realtime Provider. EAM use Service Security configuration