Problem to open an Ignition Designer Project

Hi, I write you because i have a problem to open to an Ignition Designer project . The Ignition project was developed, in a server with Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bits) and also runs the service there as the central server, and i want to open the project at the designer as a client from a pc with Windows 7 (64 bits). When I try to run the designer i log then it shows the project ia select the project and click on the open button then it starts to download and in seconds, it shows a windows error

and also the other errors that show in the window are

Error loading projects

Error listing projects

Error listing authentication profiles

Error listing database connections

Error listing SQLTag Providers

what can i do in this case? I looked that the project can only be open in a PC with XP (32 bits) operating system and also the system of the server (64 bits), but can not open in my PC with windows 7 (64 bits).

Please help me, because i need to work in the pc with windows 7 (64 Bits)

From Carito

It sounds like it is a permissions issue. If you click on the details tab of the error messages it will give you more information. Once you click on the tab there is a link on the bottom of it to show more of the message. Click on this and post what the message is. This may also give you enough information to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

For message Error Loadin Project Details :
java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location
Ignition v7.5.5 (b1255)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_13
For the other messages :
Error listing projects, Error listing authentication profiles, Error listing database connections, Error listing SQLTag Provider Details :
GatewayException: The connection to the gateway is not available.

Ignition v7.5.5 (b1255)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_13
If the problem is a permissions issue, how can I solve this, because i can not open the project at the designer, but it lets me lunch (. jnlp) it in my pc? Please, i will appreciate your help. :confused:
Other_errors.txt (1.93 KB)
Error_loading_Project.txt (2.08 KB)

Try clearing both your Java cache and your Ignition cache

Java cache is located in the Control Panel, in the Java control panel select settings, delete files, then ok.

Ignition cache is located in the users folder. Navigate to the user folder and delete the entire .ignition folder.

Try to launch the project in the designer.

Hi and thanks, I tried clearing both Java cache and Ignition cache as you said me, but it still doesn’t work with Designer, it shows again the same errors, after seconds, as it happened before after it shows me the error message the window designer for opening the projects only shows me for make a new project as a default. :confused: and also is the error message window.

From Carito

Try reinstalling Java on the client machine that is having trouble, something might have been corrupted after doing a Java upgrade.

Hi, I tried with reinstallation of Java and I still have problems with runing the designer as a client user as I commented on this before.
Also I new thing that I saw is this:

At Section Java detection

say this: Ignition was unable to automatically detect what version of the Javatm Platform is installed on your computer. Please ensure that Java 6 or Java 7 is installed.

Carito :cry:

I solve my problem by myself, it was that karsperky antivirus doesn’t let run completely the designer , and also doesn’t let lunch faster the project, I get off the antivirus and the designer already run.

Equal Thank you for trying to help me


Carito :smiley:

Glad you got it fixed - those anti-virus programs tend to take too long scanning our jar files, which causes issues.


Just had the same issue with my designer today. Had to deactivate the Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) in our new firewall. Cisco Meraki MX series.