Problem using git to collaborate remotely

I’m setting up the remote repo so I can collaborate with my coworkers, everything was fine until I tried to merge branches, I solved conflicts choosing manually the files to update,to update windows I updated: resource.json and window.bin inside the window folder in the repo but when I see it in the designer the window is a Folder no a window. Is there something I’m missing?? What should I do to update properly the project files and see my coworker’s windows updates properly??

I would not expect this to work with the binary files Ignition uses for its Vision window and template resources.

Thanks for the aswer, thats the conclusion I got to. I’m doing a workaround, each time I’m gonna merge I choose manually wich version of the file save for every conflict not the merge. I’m using the instructions $ git checkout --ours path/to/file and $ git checkout --theirs path/to/file. If someone have a better idea how to work whit remote repo let me know.