Problem when delete a folder in the tag browser

I have a folder structure like this:


When I import some tags from xml and have the cursor on the DRU folder then I will get this structure


Now I delete the subfolder DRU(DRU/XYZ/01/tag2) in the DRU folder.
Now the complete structure is deleted. tag1 + tag2 is away.

If I use Strg + X then it works fine.

I have a video documentation 20 MB about this problem if you need this…

Any Updates on this?


I can’t replicate this with a new install, perhaps there’s some sequence that I’m missing, or it’s the result of some state of the internal database. As a test, could you perhaps try creating a new internal tag provider, and then run through your steps and see if it happens? If not, I may need to get a gateway backup from you so I can see if there is something wrong with the definition of the tags internally.


Tested with 7.7 looks like that its ok now. Thanks :thumb_left: