Problem whith modbus device

good morning.
I have a question.
add a Modbus device with address table and displayed to tag me a null value and a question mark.

Also my device in the OPC-UA is switched on and off continuously.

as I get the values ​​of my device?.


What is the address range you configured?

116112 is not a valid modbus address and probably needs to be translated into a valid one. What kind of device is it? Do you have a user manual for it?

The device I have connected is the Kidde board Aries model with an interface Lantronix UDS1100-IAP model.

Annex find manuals for these devices.

900-271f_Modbus_Protocol_UG.pdf (168 KB)
Aries ICM Module.pdf (665 KB)

Ok, what addresses in the Aries ICM are you trying to address? The manual doesn’t mention the range you provided.

These are the ADDRESS.

6.4.1 ADDRESS 40002
Control Unit Status Register, pag. 21.
The Control Unit Status Register bit map is provided in Table 1, pag. 22

6.4.3 ADDRESS SLC 40010-40020 table 3 y 2, pag. 23


The 4 before those addresses means they are Holding Registers I believe. So really you are trying to get HR2, which contains the Control Unit Status Register, as well as HR10 - HR20.

The Control Unit Status Register can be either mapped as a 1-address line on the [addresses] page, or set up by hand as a SQLTag in the designer.

The mapping would be:

Prefix = Whatever
Start = 2
End = 2
Step = False
UnitId = Whatever UnitId you have configured the Aries as in your Modbus gateway
ModbusType = Holding Register (Int16)
ModbusAddress = 2

The SLC device status registers could be mapped as:

Prefix = Whatever
Start = 1
End = 10
Step = False
UnitId = Whatever UnitId you have configured the Aries as in your Modbus gateway
ModbusType = Holding Register (Int16)
ModbusAddress = 10

The Ignition user manual has more details on configuring Modbus address maps. This, combined with your devices documentation, should get you going.

we made the changes you sent us and continue with the same error.
Annex images.

On the Configure>Console>Levels tab turn ModbusTransport and ModbusReadRequest to TRACE level.

After 30 seconds or so, find your wrapper.log file(s), usually located in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition and send them into

There’s still a lot of things to trouble shoot here, namely the configuration of the modbus gateway you are using as well as the modbus device (the Aries). Are you sure the Aries is configured in both the gateway and the ICM (pg. 21 of the Aries doc you sent me) to be unit ID 1?

Hi Kevin.

send you yesterday wrapper.log file.

You will have an answer?


Can you upgrade to 7.2.6 before we go any further with the trouble shooting?

It looks like the device is cycling between connected and disconnected and I want to make sure it’s not due to something we fixed in 7.2.5 or before.

After you upgrade please change the same loggers to TRACE and send me the wrapper.log file again.

Hi Kevin.

I send you wrapper.log file.

I hope your comments.


I’ve responded directly to your email.

Hi guys,

What was the solution in this topic?
I am trying to connect Modicon Quantum PLC to Ignition HMI over Modbus TCP (Modbus V2 driver) in here: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=7129&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a