Problem with 7.2.8

I have an Ignition server running on a linux box.

It is pointed at a Panel Edition running on a Windows 2003 server box.

The Panel Edition is being used as an I/O server.

The main Ignition server is pointed at the Panel Edition to get its I/O from the plcs.

Things were working fine with 7.2.7 on both machines.

The day 7.2.8 came out, I installed it on both machines.

The Panel Edition machine boots up fine and Ignition starts and begins polling the plcs.

At some point, java is consuming 99 percent cpu and it takes forever to just shut the machine down. This has happened multiple times.

The clients that are running off the main Ignition server are now showing problems with the items being pulled thru the Panel Edition.

As a work around, can I run 7.2.8 on the main and 7.2.7 on the Panel Edition.

The comms between the two are OPC UA.



Haven’t seen anything like this yet. Give us a call in the AM and we’ll take a looks over GTM.

I figured out the problem.

I had changed the opcuauser password, every where except on the Panel Edition node for its own use.

I guess the error log was filling up and cpu was then going out the roof.

I found the issue by restarting the Panel Edition gateway and looking at the messages in the console log.

Sorry for any panic I caused.


Ok, thanks for reporting back. Either way I’ll investigate what you described happening on the panel node… That scenario shouldn’t lead to the machine hitting 99% CPU or anything like that.