Problem with alarms

Hi All.

We have exported tags from our project, edited them and imported. Than we repeated those operations for a few times. Now, when alarm is appeared we see 6 alarms…

Someone can help in this matter?

Restart Ignition Gateway. When changing alarm configuration, it is sometimes needed to restart the gateway and then it works fine.

I have already done this. But no effect.

Then, you have many alarms defined. Look, when you are importing SQLtags with same names as existing tags, then they are not replaced, but RENAMED.

I would probably start looking to see if you have duplicate tags. Duplicate tags with alerts configured can cause issue like this. Also, you can try to clear the alert cache and see if that corrects the issue, but I would be more inclined to think its duplicates since you have done exports and imports a few times. Look at the OPC item paths of the tags that are in an alert state, and then check the names also.

To clarify a bit, we’ve seen some cases where CSV import results in multiple definitions for a tag in the internal database- but these duplicates aren’t seen in the designer.

What version of Ignition are you using? I can’t track down the exact revision, but recent versions should only load the most recent definition of a tag, effectively eliminating the problem.

However, you can try using a tool that we made to remove duplicate definitions. It can be downloaded here. As it says in the readme, make sure to make a backup of your internal database first (explained there) in case anything goes wrong.

A little more information (such as where to find the .alerts file) can be found in this thread, that seems to describe the same problem.


Hi everyone.

Thanks for help.

I want to tell how I solved this issue.

  1. Open db table sql_core and see “last tag id”.
  2. Export all tags and delete them from designer.
  3. Import tags.
  4. Delete from db tables (sql_core, sql_as, sql_meta) all rows with tag id less or equal to the “last tag id”
  5. Restart ignition gateway.

I’m glad you got it sorted out. Just for others who might happen onto this thread, the responses above assume that the internal tag provider is being used, but in this case (given the description of the solution), it was the external provider that was in use.


Yes, you are right. We use database provider to establish connection from main server to other servers.

Best regards, Andrey.