Problem with Applicom OPC server


I have a problem with the FactorySQL and the applicom OPC Server always it says that is UNABLE TO CONNECT TO OPC SERVER also I wasn’t able to browse the OPC server from FactorySQL. I can browse and connect to that OPC Server from any other OPC Client.

The FactorySQL connects successfully to the Rslinx OPC server.

Best Regards,

Armando Di Francesco

Hello Armando,

First, what version of FactorySQL are you using? In the frontend, the version is found in the title bar, or by going to Help-About. This could make a difference in the problem.

In the mean time, have you seen this topic?

It may be a similar problem.

Let me know, and I’ll also try to look into that server.


Thank you,

My FSQL is, i will take a look to the tread to see if it can help us.