Problem with Bar Chart

Hello guys!
I have a problem that seems to be simple.

I need to display the table data in the image below, but in the first column there are equal data and for this reason the repeated data is not shown. In this example below I wanted a chart with 5 bars, but it is only showing 3.

Can someone help me?

Looks like your X axis has the same name for 3 of them. Make them all different and see if they appear.

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The problem that needs to be presented with the y-axis values even if the x-axis values are equal

You’ll still need to change the X-axis values in some way, then, or otherwise restructure your chart. JFreeChart, the underlying Java charting library we use, doesn’t allow duplicate keys.

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thank you @PGriffith . I’m going to change my logic to fit the graph.