Problem with charts

The chart doesn’t draw pens on the client. This happens only if the client is launched remotely. The same with the demo on your site.

Any clue?

I’m not sure how there could be local versus remote issues. All communication between the Client and Gateway occurs over the same port. In other a running client should be the same whether locally on the Gateway or remotely on the network.

A chart won’t draw pens if there is no data. Are you sure that you have an appropriate timeframe selected? Also, if you’re “previewing” from the Designer, make sure database communication is set to “read only” or “read/write”.

I just launched the demo remotely, and I see the pens drawn as normal. Perhaps you could clarify the problem?

The data are there. I can save the data in excel and see the correct data are there.

I moved my project from a linux to a windows and now it works as expected. I will look in the demo problem tomorrow.