Problem with displaying tags history on powergraph


I have a question regarding the tag history displayed on Power Graph. We have an external PostrgeSQL database that is connected to Ignition. We have created a history provider into which we push the history data. There is a lot of historical data and this is constantly growing. There is more and more historical data over time, but we are also adding historization of more tags. One such historical provider is currently several hundred million rows (e.g., 500 million). Along with time, we have the problem of referring to these tag histories. The charts are running slower and slower. When even one tag in the chart is placed from this provider with a large size loading becomes slow. So it becomes increasingly difficult to work efficiently while waiting for loading.

Since for the smaller size of the provider it worked in no time and the problem appears as the size of the provider gets larger and larger we decided that this could be the cause. Currently, the only thing that comes to mind is limiting the size of this historical provider, which has an effect after our tests. However, this requires big changes in the whole project and substitutions. In addition, we do not know if this is the optimal solution and it is somehow impossible to optimize it in another way. Therefore, the question is whether there are any other ideas to solve this problem?

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Hi Michael,

How big is the sqlth_sce table for the historical provider?

It is something around 2 million rows