Problem with Find/Replace

We updated from 7.1.7 to 7.2.3 so we could test Find/Replace. I can search without a problem, but when another developer tries, they are told that they cannot search because I have an edit lock on a window. Thing is, this is a window I haven’t opened for a long while. When I opened and shut the window and published the project, his Find window complained about the next window in the Project Browser. It seems I am going to have to open and save every window in my project before Find/Replace will work properly.

After further testing, it seems that the first person to open a Find/Replace window and carry out a search then locks all the windows searched from access by any other developer until the Find/Replace window is closed.

In the course of a single search, it will hold the locks for anything that has a result- in case you execute a replace on it. We’ll have to make sure it’s not holding more locks than necessary, and that it’s releasing previous ones on a new search.

I suppose it could probably hold them just long enough to get the results, and then re-acquire them on a replace.


I think your last suggestion would work well, as long as it gracefully handled not being able to carry out a replace if someone else had opened a window in the meantime.

Another issue with the search and replace is the status window seems to go out to lunch. I had it search and replace the OPC link in about 1500 tags. The status window popped up when it began, but never closed and always stayed on top. After a lengthy time, I finally stopped the designer with the task manager. After restarting, all the tags had indeed been changed. I tried this several times, and it always repeats the same hangup. I am using 7.2.3 on Windows XP.

You mean the progress bar that says “modifying tags”? If so, you couldn’t just click the X on the window to close it? Or do you mean a different window.


It was indeed the small popup with the progress bar and no, it wouldn’t close.

Ok. I’ve identified & fixed (for 7.2.4) one way that it could stay up after everything was finished, but it should always close when you click the window close button, so maybe something else was going on as well. I’ll play around with it some more before we release that update.