Problem with Global Script and Package System

Good day everyone, I’m here to report some issues I’ve encountered with the Global Scripts/Packages. The situation I’m experiencing is that scripts within packages are failing to appear within the Designer after importing them to another gateway.

I’m attaching a couple images that show my scenario. Has anyone else experienced this? It feels like the export global should be exporting content related to the package “parent” of a given script in addition to the script itself.

After importing the partial project export package, the Designer only shows the scripts that were contained at the root. The other scripts appear to be in there somewhere since importing again prompts for overwrite/skip. Unfortunately, I cannot delete them. Ideas?

Forgot to mention, this is Ignition 7.8…

Small update on this issue, if you Export Global and have the top-level “Scripts” fully checked, it will properly export the package definitions (to which the scripts beneath reference as “parent”. If, however, you only export the scripts within a package (and assuming there are other scripts in your gateway that result in a partially checked top-level “Scripts”) you will be at risk of importing orphaned scripts.

Before I forget–I called this one in and it was a known issue that was resolved in 7.8.1. I haven’t tested it specifically yet, but wanted to close this out while I was thinking about it.