Problem with login db authentication

Recently I had a power outage at the plant for which the server which is not in the PSU was shut down after reboot which is installed in the Debian GNU / Linux throws this mysql service problems which reports having a corrupt table, run the mysqlcheck command to resolve the issue with the board and this stay running and mysql is running smoothly, the problem that I have after this is that when I try to access the configuration page of ignition through the web is me insert password asks my password but it throws the following message

mysql is working smoothly at the moment but that is not what happens that I can not login on the web and therefore can not run the designer or the project can not enter via the Web configuration to change the way it works Authenticating the ignition, I really do not hope you can help me

attached wrapper.log


David Mendez

Do the USERS and ROLES database tables still exist in your database?

I found this in your wrapper.log file:

And this:

If they don’t exist then recreate them.


Yes, tables exist in db scada_mono but they exist with other name secure_users and secure_roles, i change the name of this tables but still dont work

and i try to repair error and reinstall ignition, now ignition service dont start :cry:

any solution for this second problem ?


I could fix the second error was that ignition did not initiate, but I’m still with the problem of authentication, check the tables that have the DB and the USERS table does not exist, I create it but the fields do not have them also when you place change authentication profile remained the “secure_users” table and users are stored there, never put the USERS table, is there any way to rescue the project or change the way that authenticates for login, but from a command line as I have no way to enter the web configuration

  • -------------------------------- +
    | Tables_in_scada_mono |
  • -------------------------------- +
    | Comments |
    | Notes |
    | Notes2 |
    | News |
    | Secure_roles |
    | Secure_user_ci |
    | Secure_user_ex |
    | Secure_user_rl |
    | Secure_user_sa |
    | Secure_users |
  • -------------------------------- +


David Mendez

attach the new log and picture of the tables

You can reset the username/password using the Gateway Control Util (GCU) running on the same machine the Ignition gateway is installed on. If it’s windows I think there’s a shortcut for it. If not look for gcu.bat or wherever Ignition is installed.

nice it’s WORKS!!!

:prayer: Kevin