Problem with modbus devices in the backup


We have a problem, we have Ignition with redundancy and we have 77 devices(modbus) configured, the problem is that the synchronization between master and backup doesn’t work, in the master we have the 77 devices but in the backup we have only 39…

We try to shutdown the master but the backup only work with the 39 devices…

We have Ignition 7.9.7.

Thank you


Please, some help with this problem???

thank you!

This forum is not official support, though IA employees do contribute. You should start a ticket with IA for something this serious. It would be nice if you add to this topic afterwards with the solution, as no volunteer seems to know enough to help you. You might even become the go-to person for such problems…


Yes I have contacted with support, temporary we have found a solution, We had to go to the master server and in each device configuration we haved to press the “save” button, after this, the device appeared in the backup server.

I think the problem was that we were two person modifying the devices configuration at the same time and We think that the gateway couldn’t make the synchronization correctly.

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