Problem with module component refresh

We have a problem with the components of the module we’re currently developing, some of the attributes, not all of them, of the classes we built, which inherit from AbstractVisionPanel or AbstractVisionComponent, are automatically refreshed every x units of time once the module is deployed in the designer. In spite of changing the value of these attributes through the methods get and set, these automatically return to their initial value after some time.

Somehow we want to prevent this behaviour either modifying the life cycle of these classes (affected by the designer) through the designer hook, in case it was possible through Java code (Ignition API), or manually in the designer through any editable parameter (cache related) we are overlooking.

We think that one possible solution, but we don’t know if it’s mandatory, would consist of implementig a deserialization/serialization strategy of our components. This could be related to the problem and its possible solution, since the mentioned classes don’t keep their state either, once we open the designer, after saving and close it.

It would probably be helpful to attach a debugger to the running designer and breakpoint inside your setters when the values get reset.

Nothing in Ignition should reset your component’s values.