Problem with opaque rootContainer


When I check opaque off for a rootContainer the background remains visible.

Is this a feature for the rootContainer or am I doing something wrong?


Try to change background colour, not the opaque property.

Yes, part of the background color is opacity so try changing that.

Hi, was this solved? I’ve seen in other posts that setting Opaque to 0 should make a pop-up transparent, so I’m not sure yet what I’m doing wrong.

I have a pop-up with Layer 5 over a main window with Layer 0, the pop-up Root Container has Opaque set to False, and the Background Color alpha value is zero. When I launch the application, the pop-up is showing a default gray color for the window itself. In Designer, when I use the color wheel to adjust transparency of the Root Container Background Color, I can see this gray default background through the transparent color.

Ultimately I would like to create a pop-up with a translucent background, but I wanted to start by understanding transparency.

After you’ve set the Background Color alpha to 0, put this code in the internalFrameActivated event script:

window = event.source