Problem with OPC-DA COM Connection

We have a problem with OPC-DA COM Connection in Ignition.
The OPC Server is NLStartOPC for LonWorks network.

We can’t browse all items in OPC Server with Ignition.
I made a test with another OPC client (Matrikon) and it works.

For more information, i send you in attachment 2 printscreen with Ignition vs Matrikon.

You can see in Matrikon’s print 4 available tags in “NvoSpaceTemps” folder and in Ignition only 2 available tags on the same folder!

Can you help me with this problem, it’s a bug?

Problem with special characters in the item name ?

Thanks for your help and excuse for my english.


Yes, it does seem like it could be a problem with the item name. If you go into the gateway and look at System>Console, do you see any errors after browsing? If easier, you can just email the “wrapper.log” file found in the install directory to support (at

You might also try the following: Edit your OPC Server connection in the gateway, and select “Force DA 2”. That will use a different browse mechanism, and might bypass the problem.


The wrapper.log
wrapper.log (438 KB)

With “Force DA 2”, I have the same problem.


Yes, I see from the logs that the system is already detecting it as a 2.0 server. Unfortunately, the logs don’t show any other details. I wanted to try to mock it up, but I haven’t found a simulation server yet that lets me create names with those characters in it (which is a bit strange, because as far as I know there are no limits imposed by the OPC spec).

I will see if I can get a demo version of that OPC server and try it. There are some different things we can try in order to track down what’s going wrong, but I’d like to try a few simple things here before I have you do much work. Specifically, though, the next thing I might have you do would be to install the OPC Analyzer, point it to this opc server, and then browse against it from Ignition and Matrikon. Then you can send me the trace and I can see if we’re doing something different, or if Ignition just isn’t handling the results correctly.

However, like I said, I’m going to keep trying to get this mocked up here. I’ll post back if I think it would be useful for you to get the trace through the analyzer.



I have the demo version of the server installed, but of course I don’t have a database file. I also don’t know anything about lonworks, so perhaps you could help- do you think that you could send me your NLOPC database? I’m not sure if this would even work, if it would allow me to browse the nodes, but beyond that I can’t figure out how to get it to display sample items.

Also, I notice that they have many options for recording tracing. Could you turn on “Trace OPC Tree Access” under Traces>OPC Traces, attempt to browse from Ignition, and then send the trace log to me?

If you can send your database, send it to support. If it’s too large, let me know and I can set up a ticket that you can upload to.