Problem with pagination on crosstab report

I have a curly one for anyone to solve…

We have used the “reporting module” in ignition to generate a crosstab report with multiple grouping and have an issue with the way it paginates the report.
I have not been able to get the report to keep the text size static & spread across, or down, multiple pages. Instead it tries to “fit” it all into a single page as per the attached example

As you can see it condenses the report into one page no matter how many columns or rows there are.
Any Ideas how to fix this would be appreciated.

Can you export the offending window and post it here? With the data filled in?

Id rather not post the report to the forum (due to the nature of the data contained there-in) so I have uploaded it to the “support” link instead - it will be named “ReportDowntimeHyne.vwin”
You can ignore the “tabs” other than the “Report” one.

Of course, I understand. We’ll take a look, thanks.

Not that I’m pushing (I am really) but have you had a chance to look at this for me?

I will be looking at this later this afternoon

Ok, so right now the reporting plugin does paginate vertically on the crosstab, meaning it will expand onto more pages as more rows are returned. However, the crosstab does not paginate horizontally.

The report you get is correct, it is just that you have so many groupings that the data gets crunched onto a single page. So the only thing you can do is make the page size of the report bigger where the printer will decide how to break it up.

So is this horizontal pagenation by a “change” to the reporting plugin?
I ask this because from what I have seen I cannot get the report to “paginate” - i.e. Yes it does change pages when the first grouping column changes, however until that column changes it continues to “crunch” all of the lines on a single page.

Travis / Carl,

I have managed to get a “sort of” workaround happening for this pagenation problem.
What I did was to add another (Yes, more) grouping to the crosstab which had the key being a combination of the other groupings (all strings fortunately) i.e. Key = g1 + g2 + g3 + g4 + g5 + g6
then changed what was being displayed to being a “.” and shrunk the cell so that it wasn’t really visible.
The only ugly part about this solution is that the remainder of the column groupings are now repeated on each row of the report.
Is there any way that you know of to “hide” the repeated group values - like it does normally.

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 .** ** ** ** ** ** . ** ** ** ** ** . ** ** ** ** . ** ** ** . ** ** . ** . ** ** ** ** ** . ** ** **etc…
rather than:

.** ** ** ** ** ** .** ** ** ** ** ** .** ** ** ** ** ** .** ** ** ** ** **etc…

I tried using @if(Up.<column>==<column>," ",<column>)@ but it ends up with every row being blanked out because Up. on the first row still returns the first row value.