Problem with Popup Calender

I am trying to insert values into a table by taking components like textfield, popup calender etc;
This is the line - assign_time = event.source.parent.getComponent("Popup Calender").date

The error says - Nontype object has no attribute 'date'

Can you please help me out with this issue

This problem is likely this relative path:

event.source.parent.getComponent("Popup Calender")

I typically see this sort of error when code has been copied from one area to another area where the relative location is different.

To fix it, click on this icon in the upper right corner of your script editor:

Then, locate the date property in the popup, select it , and click okay:

This will put the correct path to the component into your script editor.

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Yea it was the problem with the path and now it's working correctly
Thank you! Appreciate it!