Problem with Popup Window

Good afternoon,
in my project, I add a second screen.
When I open a popup in second screen, popup is visualize in main screen, not in second screen.


Thank You

What version of Ignition?

ignition *8.1.5

Can you post your code that you are using to open the popup? Use ``` before and after the code so that its formatted.

"window = system.nav.openWindow(‘Popups/TempoComponentiReport’, {‘stringa’ : "DURATA “+ str(chartEntity.columnKey) + " (s) : " + str((end_data - start_data) / 1000)})

So when you have a button on a second screen it shows up on the primary screen correct?

If so you will need to grab the handle of the screen you are on first and get that desktop to be able to open the window.
See system.nav.desktop - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Try something like this:

thisDesktopHandle = system.gui.getCurrentDesktop() #Get the screen handle where this even occurred
thisNavDesktop = system.nav.desktop(thisDesktopHandle)

#Now open up the popup
window = thisNavDesktop.openWindow(‘Popups/TempoComponentiReport’, {‘stringa’ : "DURATA “+ str(chartEntity.columnKey) + " (s) : " + str((end_data - start_data) / 1000)})

I try but not work.
I have this problem when open a popup from another popup opened.

So you open one popup on a screen and it opens correctly. And then when you try and open another popup from that popup it isn’t working?

Do you get any errors?

Can you add a print for thisDesktopHandle and make sure that this is reporting the correct desktop?

When I open a PopUp from another popup in second screen, popup open in main screen, not in second screen

OK any errors from the script I posted?
Can you print out the value of thisDesktopHandle to see if that is the desktop you expect?

thisDesktopHandle is always primary screen, also if I open popup in second screen

Hmm… interesting. So you have created multiple desktops using system.gui.openDesktop() correct?

screen= 1, # 2nd display
width= 1920,
height= 1080,
windows= [“Main Windows/Silos1”,“Navigation”])”

This is code to create second desktop/screen

OK give me a few minutes to poke around. I’ve done a bunch with multi-monitor so I’m sure I’ve done this.

So I can’t reproduce this on 8.1.11.

the first popup on a secondary monitor I’m opening strictly with this:

window = system.nav.openWindow('CTD Popups/test1')

And on popup test1 I’ve got a button that opens another popup using

window = system.nav.openWindow('CTD Popups/test2')

And they are opening up as expected. Maybe try upgrading Ignition to 8.1.11 and see if it is fixed.

Ok, I try.
Thank You