Problem with Preview Report 7.8

I am getting the following error when I preview my report in 7.8.
Java.util.concurrentExecutionException: Java.lang.IllegalStateException: Max number of pages (10000) reached. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I have looked through the Java Control panel. Not sure what is causing this issue. Thank you.

Something in your report design (layout or data) is trying to make a report with more than 10K pages. You’ll need to do some sleuthing to figure out what.

Does it still happen if you pull in less data? Do you have extra large data fields that make the report try to put just a single row on each page? These are the most common reasons I see for this.

I had a similar issue I was getting Max Java Heap Errors and then Max Number of Pages(in designer) when I would pull only certain records of a report.
Potential Solution - Make your Table Component Larger Vertically in the Designer(Drag table so Dark Grey box is larger). I had an Issue with Long Strings in a record, but the Dark Gray box of the Table(in Designer) was not large enough to handle the Long String. Also this table was at the Bottom of Page.

I don’t know why making the Table Larger in the Designer worked. Maybe it was trying to print that Long string on to the next page and it struggled. You know when you print a webpage and it renders it over 10 pages.