Problem with redundancy

We have a simple tag provider. When in backup mode we should not be polling for data. When in Master or Independent mode we should be.

Looking through the SDK examples failed to find any help on the correct way to implement this. We have created a redundancyStateListener are are trying to stop/stop our polling thread based on the events from this listener but we are ending up with multiple polling threads instead.

Any idea or help on the correct way to do this would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not the redundancy expert Colby is, but in the couple places I’ve tied in with redundancy it’s been with a RedundancyStateListener. I think the key is to just watch the ActivityLevel, and realize that you might perhaps get some duplicate notifications.

If your backup doesn’t need to care about being cold/warm/hot/undecided you can maybe just use the ActiveInactiveFilter class, available in gateway-api.

Thanks Kevin,

I’ve passed this on to our developer.