Problem with report module

Gentlemen, I created a report using the reporting module. It displays great on my development machine and also directly on the gateway. But when called up by another client the screen appears with the usual red error color. The report is designed to allow the user to change date and shift and the data updates accordingly on the 2 aforementioned machines. On the initial call up on a client, the data appears, but if the date and shift are changed, the data doesn’t change although the selection does appear on the report header even though the whole report is overlayed with red. any suggestions?

One suggestion is to find out what the error is to give you a clue to how to fix it.

In a client you can see errors by selecting the “Help” dropdown menu at the top of the client screen. Then select “Diagnostics”, then select “Console” in the window pop up. Look for something like “Caused by: …” in the stacktraces to get a clue to what the problem is.

Or, if what what the error says does not make sense to you, you can post the full text here.