Problem with retired tags


I am having problems reading tag history on several tags, I use UDT and have set sample mode to "On change", Min time between samples to 2 sec and max 10 sec. This works fine on aprox 60-70 % of the tags that use this UDT, but the rest don't work and seems that they have been "retired" in database. What causes that and how do I fix it?

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Tags should get retired when they're moved, deleted, disabled or their historization is disabled (I think).
You'll need to review your tags configurations to figure out what's up.

Also, note that some versions ago (Can't say which, but that was about a year ago I believe ?), some changes were made to tags retirement, as it had I believe, a few bugs/issues.
So your version might also have something to do with this.


Thanks for input. Most likely there is a bug then, version is from early 2022, since all the tags are working against the same UDT and no override is done on the not-working tags.

Just want to check, will there be a difference if I manually remove the value for "retired" in the database? Or do I need to update the gateway? I remember that when updating gateway on another server I got issues with communication over OPC.